Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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A New Year, a New Things!

Here I go again. Some of these things are getting complicated for me to follow and absorb. I appreciate that there are links to the past Things on a Stick units as I will be referring back to them now and then.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Part 2 Stick #8 efolio

I am enclosing a link to my efolio that has been created over the years. This is an on going process and could use more of my attention in getting updated as of late.

#8 Sharing your Creations on Blog or Website

Wow I remember this one taking quite a bit of time. I chose the site Yes I needed to create an account complete with username and pswd.
What I did was watch a presentation made by Merlin Mann. The brains behind an even longer Web 2.0 discovery "class" called 43FOLDERS.COM

This presentation like the one I remember from Stick 7 was equally applicable.
1. Identify Leaks
2 Govern Access
3. Minimize Notifications
4. Work in Dashes
5. Renegotiate
So what is he talking about? Amazingly these 5 Patterns apply to so many areas of our lives.
1. Find the holes and seal them to stop junk from coming in.
2. Govern Access: Be mindful about decisions about who gets access 1) to you 2) when 3) anad for how long. Who gets Access NOW, cuz it says alot about who you are.
3. Minimize notifications. Turn off the "mindless" bells and whistles. Save alarms for REAL attention needs.
4. Break your tasks down into your "typical" windows of availability or it will not get done.
Work in Dashes. 10/50 = Collect and Process for 10 Minutes --> Work for 50 Minutes REPEAT
Renegotiate: Don't say a Flat OUT YES the first time. Qualify it as a Yes but.... *Kinda * Maybe * Later * A Little

Motivating yes, But does not isnspire me to take even more time and create one of my own.

I emailed this presentation to myself as a reminder to keep searching for a Really good one to add to my blog site.

#7 Email

I read the "Five Fast Email Productivity Tips". My husband might say that I need them tattooed to me somewhere. I go through separation anxiety with emails my kids said me. I have tried to save them by transferring them out of my email account and onto the hard drive of our computer. Well I did that "bad habit" 3 computers ago. So much for saving them.

1. Shut off auto-check (at least when I am not at work)
2. Pick off easy ones - DELETE THEM before they even get opened. Reply without a greeting.3.
3. WRITE LESS A published author I am NOT
4. Cheat. Use a template to reply-cut corners to save time
5. Be honest. (If your never going to reply DELETE the message) Oh like those 2 really follow each other well. I hope you know which to use when

In a nutshell Be More Efficient

Thing #6 Online Image Generator

I used Image Chef. What I find difficult about doing these sticks is that you do end up creating a new account for each stick at a differect web address. As I have worked through the sticks I have had to email myself the information I used to create all of these new accounts.
In Stick #6 I made a baseball jersey with my sons favorite colors and put our last name on the back of it just like they do in real baseball. I also made one for my nephews and sent the images to myself. I intend to use the images on birthday cards for them. I know they will really like it.
I am choosing NOT to post my jersey here since it does have my last name. Hope that is ok. Was very cool.

Thing #5 Spell w Flickr

Time for me to turn up the time that I spend entering all the cool things I have learned with my "Sticks". I love sharing it with my oldest child, who just happens to be an educator as well. Directions that I swiped from "Charmed One" say You can export the spelled word the same way you exported your avatar. You copy the html that follows your spelling. Then you go back to your blog layout and add an element: html java script. Then you paste your script in the space and save. You can click and drag around your element depending on your layout.

So here goes. I created my Crusaders sign. Way cool. Now this is where I created it. If I don't put the address here I may not be able to show others.

Oh Happy Day